8 bình luận cho “DIABLO 4 WILL SUCK! (DUMB GAME)

  1. How come u deleted that other vid? Did YouTube take it down and what are your other channels if you have others, it's good speaking out about the real shit whats being pushed in media you defiently won't be seeing it

  2. Well no shit lolol
    Of course D4 is going to suck.
    Why else would they decide to remaster D2? They know their basically dealing the same shit D3 was just wrapped up in PoE graphics.
    Everyone says, its back to diablo style.
    Im telling you right now just looking at the map they drew more inspiration from PoE than they did from the classic diablo games. It still looks like a dark fantasy epic instead of a gothic mideval themed game rooted in christianity and fighting evil. It still has the same exact skill bar cooldown fast paced nephalem style combat D3 has. The skills over dramatic, yet underwhelming. Where you throw enemies 30 feet away as your ability shatters the earth under your feet. No sense of mortality or permanence. How can they make a game look graphically so dark while at the same time so casual at the same time? Its litterally d3 with poe graphics even the MAP reminds me of PoE. Which is an ok diablo substitute. But its about as satisfying to D2 is as near beer is to an alcoholic. But they released d2r in order to make selling out seem less shitty of them. Its just like u said. The gaming industry is a bad joke. At our expense. The fact is. They get away with it because 80% of these people act like a Marius instead of a wanderer.

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